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  • Edad: 38
  • Sexo: Mujer
  • Estado civil: Individual
  • interesados en: Chicos
  • Registrado: 259 días
  • Última sesión: 259 días
  • Vistas de perfil: 58
  • País: Australia
  • ciudad natal: Ballaying
  • actual de la ciudad: Ballaying
  • Ocupación: study American Politics
  • Compañía: workless
  • Escuela: 2nd grade in American Politics
  • Sitio personal:
  • Acerca de mí: Willard may be the name I love to be called with but Really don't like when people use my personal complete name. Puerto Rico has been my personal living place.One of this circumstances she really likes most will be perform domino and she'll be starting another thing together with it. Since she ended up being 18 she's been being employed as an information officer and she will maybe not change it any time soon. Check out of the most recent development to my site: 
  • Favorite Music: indy 
  • Favorite Books: N/A 

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